Her passion for decoration and an 80m2 apartment is all she needs Victoria Alvear to transmit us her taste and her interest in interior decoration.

With more than 102,000 followers, Vicky shares through her Instagram account @mipisitodeco her way of understanding and creating her space, her cozy home. Do you want to know his deco style and why he is so successful?

Victoria Alvear in her little deco apartment

1. Who is Victoria Alvear and how did your interest in the deco world arise?

I am 34 years old and something I think my followers don’t know is that I was born in Uruguay, but I have lived in Spain for 23 years, so I carry both countries in my heart. I am the oldest of 4 siblings and I love spending time with my family, enjoying the little things. I live in my little apartment with my two boys; my husband and my 2 year old son, who are everything to me!
My interest in the deco world comes from always, I became independent very young, at 18 years old, and I have always liked to condition the houses where I have been living to make them more “home“. I had always lived in rented accommodation, so it was only now, in our own apartment, that we were able to do everything 100% to our liking. It was here that I discovered that decorating, setting up tables, organizing, and then communicating and sharing it, was part of a “therapy” that was good for me. As a method of relaxation and creativity.

2. In terms of space distribution and decoration, what is the secret to get the most out of each m2?

The truth is that this depends more on the use that is going to be given to the space in particular. In our case, being our house an apartment where a family with a small child lives, we have the need for every space to be practical, but trying not to give up the more “aesthetic” aspect, that is, I always try to like the final result. In my case I have chosen to include furniture that decorate, but at the same time, offer me storage, such as the cabinets we have in the dining room.
A clear example of what I am talking about: I am aware that they would look beautiful with 4 little details of deco and that’s it, but in our house we need storage, so we have them well used, it seems to me an “eternal” piece of furniture, it does not go out of fashion and decorates a lot.

In addition, in our case we were able to renovate the apartment, so we made some adjustments to get more out of the 80m2: we opted to open the hallway wall, to give a feeling of spaciousness and take advantage of the light we have in the dining room.

We took advantage of the balcony we had in the bedroom and enclosed the space (which is where I have my dresser).

The corridor at the height of the kitchen was wider, and what we did was to equalize it to the rest in order to give that space to the kitchen.

In short, a series of changes to make the most of the meters!

“I love many styles and I believe that in the mix is the beauty!

Victoria Alvear, @mipisitodeco
Master bedroom mi pisito deco

3. Currently the world of decoration is booming, how is this trend evolving in digital platforms?

That’s right, I think that above all, following the pandemic, we have all given much more importance to our inner selves and to want to feel comfortable in our homes. Just as the networks have always been full of accounts dedicated to fashion, or to the Beauty world, for example, this increase in interest in decoration has also been reflected in these platforms. I think that most of all, what people want to see or, what they want to be inspired by, is “real” homes. “real” homes. Follow accounts/brands to get ideas from, with spaces that resemble what they have in their homes.

Kitchen of my little deco apartment

4. Favorite decorative style

I love many styles and I believe that in the mix is the beauty! Modern farmhouse, or industrial style, are some of my favorites. I love the organic touches too, they add so much warmth to any room. I dream of a house like the Canadian ones, or the American and Australian ones. In fact, they look like the best deco beads to me! But of course, then you have to adapt to a small apartment and take it to my field.

5. We talk about references. What sources of inspiration are your greatest allies?

I love “El Mueble” houses, they all look like a dream to me, and that’s why I am a reader of this magazine. I think what’s on trend inevitably influences us, so in the stores I already see a lot of what I like later on. And sometimes it happens the other way around, I like something because of some idea I have and the search in the stores begins haha!

As I mentioned before, American accounts tend to be my favorite.

6. Preferred colors, textures, materials and designs…

My favorite colors and I think they are the ones that are always found in my house are neutrals, earth tones and greens. I like furniture with straight lines and in neutral colors and then I love to opt for quality textiles such as linen or good cotton. In my little apartment we also have elements in black, which I think adds a lot of character to any room and is a super elegant color.

7. Something you can’t miss in @mipisitodeco’s decoration.

I think textiles are always my starting point. The cushions in the living room, from the
bedrooms, plaids or blankets… I love them and they are my downfall!

Secondary room of my pisito deco

8. A space at home where you can disconnect…

Difficult, because at home there is a lot of life! But I always say, nothing better than our living room in winter. Blanket, Netflix and dinner on the coffee table. My favorite stay!

“I like furniture with straight lines and in neutral colors and then I love to opt for quality textiles like linen or good cotton.”

Victoria Alvear, @mipisitodeco
Living room mi pisito deco

9. Flagship piece of furniture by @mipisitodeco.

I would really love to be able to have iconic furniture, or antiques, that have history, or that are of very good quality. Undoubtedly, if in the future we can have the house (apartment) we dream of, we would furnish it little by little and choosing key pieces!

At home, a piece of furniture/area that I liked a lot when I changed it, and that I have been receiving many messages telling me that it has inspired me a lot, has been the foyerThe wooden console and drawers with industrial touches and above all, with the white frieze that serves as a coat rack as soon as we enter the house. The foyer is the area of the house that I think defines me 100% and is totally to my liking!

Foyer of my little deco apartment

10. They say that every house has its own smell, how is @mipisitodeco’s?

My favorite scent of the ones I’ve been able to try is Zara Home’s Pure Gardenia, so on the days we light the candle this would be the scent! Then it’s like in every house, the day it is cleaned it smells great, and the rest … let’s keep it that way haha.