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The decoration studio that adapts to your budget.

We have a team of expert decorators and an endless catalog of furniture and decoration options to find the space that suits you. We offer a comprehensive interior decoration service throughout the province of Alicante.

Decoración exterior en villa con piscina

Integral decoration projects

We design and develop integral interior decoration projects for new construction houses or renovations. We can  improve specific spaces of your home, satisfying your decoration needs, offering matching furniture packs or achieving the adaptation of specific spaces with custom- made furniture.

This is how our Smart decoration studio works


Tell us what you like and your budget

Make an appointment with us so we can get to know you. Tell us what budget you have and prepare the plans of the house, the decorative styles you like, the ideas you have in mind and all the possible inspiration.
Tell us what you like and your budget

Your decorative project, modeled in 3D

After the first meeting, our decorators will show you a 3D model of your home, already decorated, so that you can see the final result.
Your decorative project, modeled in 3D

You will make the necessary final settings

We work together making the latest changes, according to your style and needs. This way, your home will have an identity of its own that matches your personality.
You will make the necessary final settings

We leave it assembled for you!

Irel’s team of professionals will assemble and arrange all the furniture and decoration just as we present it to you in the previous modelling.
We leave it assembled for you!



Integral home decoration

20 years of experience in interior design and decoration at your service, creating harmonious spaces that adapt to your needs and your budget and creating spaces that reflect your personality.

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Salón y cocina interiorismo

Furniture packs for complete apartments

We offer you furniture packs for complete apartments. Choose from a wide range of themed compositions and decorations to suit all budgets.

Living room

We create personalized, functional and stylish environments for the living room. We respond with elegance to the needs of everyday life. Design of the space, selection of furniture, custom-made furniture -if necessary-, curtains confection, illumination, conditioning, textile… your living room ready to enjoy.

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Salón decorado en blanco

Furniture packs for living room

We offer combined furniture solutions with our living room furniture packs. A harmonious option that allows you to choose from a wide range of options, styles, colors and finishes.

Dining room

We carry out projects that provide functionality and a great atmosphere to such an important space of your  home. We achieve  this by designing and furnishing the dining room based on a decoration project that can  start from scratch, or through our dining room furniture packs.

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Comedor con vistas a la piscina decorado
Jugando en casa


We offer a complete kitchen decoration service that includes furniture, appliances, tableware, kitchen utensils… Choose between our creative decoration projects, a custom-made kitchen furniture service or our wide range of kitchen furniture and appliance packs.

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We create unique personal spaces, developing an integral project for the bathroom that includes: distribution, materials, lighting, colors, decoration and textiles. In addition, we give you contact information of reliable companies if you need to carry out a reform. We can start from scratch making custom bathroom furniture or choose from the many bathroom packs that we offer.

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Decoración del baño
Habitación decorada con vistas


We make your bedroom an intimate and personal space with a comprehensive and customized decoration project that includes everything from wall coverings to small textile and decorative elements. Furniture, curtains, fittings… We offer you the option of choosing different bedroom furniture packs, or creating it from scratch.

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