Seeing the horizon, without leaving the house

Exterior decoration.

If your house doesn’t end where the four walls end, neither does our work. In Irel Studio we offer outdoor decoration services for gardens, penthouses, terraces, porches or patios.

Muebles de exterior en villa

Integral decoration for home exteriors

Our outdoor decoration and interior design service covers all the elements of outdoor decoration: outdoor furniture, awnings, pergolas or kitchenware. We work with you to create outdoor spaces that define your tastes and adapt to your needs. In addition, we take care of the assembly, leaving the new corner of your house ready to live in.


This is how Smart outdoor decoration works


We know your needs

Make an appointment with us using the form below. When we meet, you can provide us with your house plans and all the ideas and inspiration you have accumulated. We want to know what you like!
We know your needs

We show you your outdoor space decorated, in 3D

Knowing your budget and your tastes, our decorators will compose the space to achieve a decoration that suits your tastes and expectations. In addition, we will show it to you in 3D drawings.
We show you your outdoor space decorated, in 3D

Final touches with you

Together with you, we make the finishing touches. A little color here, a change of furniture there… to give, a unique identity to each space so that your future home fits your personality.
Final touches with you

We'll leave it all set up for you!

Now it is Irel Studio’s final turn. Our professionals will leave everything assembled, just as you saw in the modeling. You won’t have to do anything else.
We'll leave it all set up for you!



Decoration of terraces and penthouses

If you have a terrace, you have an oasis in the city. How can we not try to make the most of this space that links the home and the outside world with a decoration that brings out its full potential? In Irel Studio we work in the decoration of terraces and attics, turning small and large outdoor or roofed corners into elegant spaces where to extend your stay and that of your loved ones at home. Our expert hands, furniture, textiles, household goods, and conditioning with pergolas, awnings and tarpaulins, at the service of that special place in your home.

Decoraciónd de terraza junto al mar
Decoración de exteriores

We decorate outdoor patios

An outdoor patio is an opportunity to use a space in the house to create a relaxed atmosphere. Natural elements, comfortable furniture for moments of calm… or perhaps a functional space where to concentrate the daily tasks of the house. At Irel Studio we offer you organizational and decorative solutions for the patio. There is a space in your home that has yet to be discovered.

Proyectos de decoración exterior

Garden Furniture Sets

Do you want them in packs? Our outdoor furnishing solutions also include the possibility of obtaining Matching garden furniture sets. Terrace furniture packs that at Irel Studio we take care of leaving perfectly assembled and that includes everything: outdoor furniture, awnings or pergolas, crockery, textiles, accessories…
Instalación de toldos y pérgolas

Installation of awnings and pergolas

We adapt the exterior of your home with Outdoor air conditioning solutions such as awnings, tarpaulins, wooden or textile pergolas, bioclimatic aluminium pergolas… Create an ideal environment in the outdoor space of your home for gatherings of friends, outdoor kitchen spaces, relaxation areas, pool environments or functional places for household chores.

Enjoy your home in the easiest way possible.


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