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Are you thinking of converting your home into a tourist apartment. We create with Home Staging cozy and attractive decoration spaces to increase the value of your home. If love at first sight exists, at Irel Studio we work to find it.

Decoración integral de cocina y salón comedor

What does Home Staging bring to my home?

Home Staging techniques pursue the objective of increasing the perceived value of the house. Through interior design and decoration techniques, we manage to increase the visual appeal of the property by enhancing its positive aspects and minimizing its defects. In this way, we make it more attractive to a prospective buyer and, therefore, the property not only finds a way out faster, but also at a higher price.



We accelerate the sale or rental of your property adjusting to the budget you have. Enchant your clients with professional decoration scenes.


We improve the profitability of your real estate investments by providing great additional value at a reduced cost.

Real Estate

We make your real estate portfolio stand out from the competition and improve the success rate of your commercials.


We make your show apartment an attractive and harmonious space that impacts and accelerates the buying process of visitors.

Decoration for rental and sale of your home

Our Home Staging service offers decoration solutions to enhance the rental and sale of homes for companies and individuals. We make the process faster, with organization and staging techniques to make your potential clients fall in love with your space. In addition, we increase the sales value of the house with professional interior design and decoration techniques: furniture, appliances, minor fittings, fittings, furnishings, household goods, textiles… We create corners and homes that close sales.

Decoración para alquiler y venta

How we work on your home staging project


You tell us your needs and budget

Make an appointment with us. In it you can explain us your needs and the budget you plan to dedicate to the decoration of the house. We will also need the plans and your ideas, if you have something in mind.
You tell us your needs and budget

We show you the digital decoration

Knowing your budget and your needs, we will show you in a digital modeling our proposal of decoration to get the most out of the house.
We show you the digital decoration

Final touches

Together with you, we make the finishing touches according to the needs of the house. In this way, together we find a way to enhance the virtues of the property, increasing its market value.
Final touches

We assemble everything

You won’t have to do anything else. Our team will leave all the furniture and decoration installed in a few hours. As you could see in our digital modeling.
We assemble everything



Enjoy your home in the easiest way possible.


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