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Living rooms decoration

We advise, design, plan and decorate the living room of your home. Our team of decorators and interior designers will connect with deeply understand your needs and style to create the perfect relaxing  space in your home. A space that defines you.

Living room

Living room furniture packs

We offer combined furniture solutions with our living room furniture packs. You can choose from a wide range of options, styles and colors. Choose from our catalog of living room furniture kits, or visit our facilities and let us show you the possible options and combinations.

Decoradores para el salón


Custom-made furniture for your living room

Always preserving the Mediterranean decorative style that defines us, in Irel Studio we make custom furniture to adapt each piece to the living room space. Thus, we offer customized solutions for each client and each project. Ask for information or visit one of our stores.

Diseño de interiores

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